Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

My House is Your House is a site-specific installation project created by two Lithuanian artists Paulius Kilbauskas and Sigitas Staniunas.

The installation presents an ensemble of harmony, creating a Euro-Asian cultural oasis. The project began two years ago in the beautiful Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius, on the other side of Euro-Asia. Inspired by the idea of a distant and close sea, My House is Your House was originally conceived in The Umiastovsky Palace – an important cultural and historical site in Vilnius. During the past three centuries, many European creators and intellectuals have shared their ideas and presented their art, music, lectures and other cultural creations in the palace, turning this location into a House for the Arts. World-renowned composers and artists such as Richard Wagner, Stanislav Moniushko and M. K. Ciurlionis have shared their artistic visions at the Umiastovsky Palace. The Palace was closed from the end of World War II until 2006, when it was reopened by Sigitas Staniunas and the cultural community of Vilnius out of respect for this important arts venue.


The Medusa Art Project was initiated in 1999 by Sigitas Staniunas. During the past few years, the palace has developed into a cultural oasis, hosting a cycle of cultural events and collaborative art projects. Painter Sigitas Staniunas has created a series of paintings based on the idea of a Euro-Asian crossroads, using elements from European and Asian painting schools. He has also organized several art presentations and collaborative projects with artists working in other mediums. Performer Paulius Kilbauskas has created cycles of sound compositions and concerts.


Together, the artists have presented a number of collaborations and cultural evenings to which they invited creators from countries near and far. These collaborative art projects, performances and cultural discussions continue to happen. Some of the art projects created in the Umiastovsky Palace were developed and presented in The Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia, and continue today, involving local artists. We are happy to present and share our artistic ideas, creations and philosophy through colours and sound for the city of Taipei as part of an intellectual exchange in the island of Formosa. It is a great honour for us to present our art in Taipei Artist’s Village, representing our culture and identity, which is greatly influenced by the Baltic Sea.  We look forward to sharing our European artistic perspectives with the people of Taiwan, presenting our art in the most contemporary of locations, TAV.

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Artists such as Vivaldi, Haydn, Utamaro and M.K Ciurlionis, P.P Rubens and Da Vinci, Caravaggio were unable to share their visions, experiences and ideas due to the times and circumstances in which they lived. We are fortunate to be blessed with this wonderful opportunity to present our creations of beauty and harmony in TAV. We also believe that our cultural intentions will evolve in other places in Taipei city, developing collaborations with Taiwanese and other international artists who are interested in sharing culture. We believe that a feather from the wing of European culture will shine in the beautiful island of Formosa.

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