Billy’s Band and Sigitas Staniunas “Diorama for Metamorphosis of Adam and Eve”

Billy’s Band celebrating their 10 year anniversary and presenting two concerts came to Sigitas Staniunas’ “House of Art” and together with Sigitas and other artists, performers on the spot created a collaborative project called “Diorama of Adam and Eve’s Metamorphosis”.
The Event started late at night with only a handful of friends and artists-colleagues each of whom contributing their own creative input into this art performance. During the project the artists shared and connected their visions of creativity through interaction and reaction one to another. As an outcome of this collaboration a unique art performance was born which in itself created a new artistic reality in the unique site.
During the performance, the artists connected their visions of creativity by reacting to each other and all together creating a new artistic reality on site. The specific situation of the Art House enabled them to create a unique performance.

Special thanks to:
Paulius Kilbauskas for creative musical talent and support for the performance
Giedrius Dagys for documenting the event
Edita Stundyte for a natural, beautiful and real live improvisation
Mark Shlimovic, Darius Zabiela and other friends of the studio without whose help this unique art event had not been possible

Event happened 24/11/2011

One Response to “Billy’s Band and Sigitas Staniunas “Diorama for Metamorphosis of Adam and Eve””

  1. Indre says:

    Thanks to all of YOU for amazing evening, wonderful music improvisation, magnificent and creative atmosphere. I couldn’t turn my eyes from Edita, the dancer. Music sense reflected and vibrated on whole her body and every muscle of her face.
    And…there are no words about Sigitas miracle creation, about his fairy tale…

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